Energy Efficiency Solutions

Energy Saving Solutions / Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Assessment of the lighting system – solutions for high efficiency lighting, including the integration of smart automations
  • Assessment of the HVAC system (Heating – Ventilation – Air Conditioning) – utilization of innovative technologies fro energy saving
  • Assessment of the building envelope (walls, roof, etc) – Thermal Insulation
  • Assessment of the building openings (doors and windows)
  • Assessment of the installation of shading systems
  • Assessment of the Information Technology Equipment and infrastructure of Data Centers
  • Power Analysis and Optimisation
  • Assessment of Voltage Optimization Solutions and Power Factor Correction
  • Assessment of speed controllers installation on electromechanical equipment with variable load (VSDs, VFDs, Controllers, Inverters, etc)
  • Assessment of Energy Management Systems (Metering and Targeting)
  • Assessment and optimisation of Air Pressure Systems
  • Assessment of EAC tariffs – introduce procedures for optimum energy management
  • Assessment for the use of automations on industrial processes and high power electromechanical equipment
  • Energy efficiency assessment of machinery, equipment, systems and vehicles – integration of energy improvement technologies
bamboo LED
  • Inspection and evaluation of the preventive and corrective maintenance of the electromechanical equipment and systems
  • Energy efficiency assessment of refrigerators and freezers – energy improvement opportunities
  • Assessment of heat recovery technologies
  • Utilization of renewable energy resources for electricity production
  • Utilization of renewable energy resources for heating, cooling and hot water
  • Implementation of energy storage technologies
  • Inspection and evaluation of the fuel consumption on vehicles – optimum driving for fuel savings
  • Evaluation and optimum design of fleet routes
  • Effective utilization of GPS technologies on vehicles
  • Assessment of energy savings technologies on vehicles, based on a cost-benefit analysis
  • Inspection and evaluation of preventive and corrective maintenance of vehicles
  • Assessment of the Drivers behavior – simple methods for improving Drivers behavior and reduce fuel consumption in vehicles
  • Assessment of the hybrids and electrical vehicles technologies for fuel savings, based on a cost-benefit analysis
  • Operational procedures design for optimised energy use
  • Personnel training schemes and courses for effective energy management – establish energy saving culture within the organization
  • Building environmental and corporate social responsibility via effective energy management